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Have a website to be created

When you have a website built, the first question is whether you can already have a design or a website template. If you already have this we only need this design in Implement programming language. You should do it before you build the website do not yet have a design, this will be done first depending on the desired Effort created by one of our UI / UX designers and optimally tailored to your Tailored to your needs. The cost of this step varies depending on Your specific design requirements. Costs, which are independent of the web designer incurred, for which you have the website created, are those for hosting and the domain. These costs vary depending on the selected domain ending and selected provider. We are happy to take care of the domain and Provider setup for you when you create your website at BulldogDesign to let.

What are the costs of having a website built?

- Website design (from € 10.0)
- Creating the website (from 57.6 €)
- Hosting (from € 4.90 / month)
- Domain (from 9.90 € / year)
- Texts for creating the website (from € 0.08 / word)
- Training after website creation (only if required, from 10.0 € / hour)
- Maintenance after you have the website built (from € 2.0 / month)

A large and highly influenceable cost factor is the text of a website. If you have your website built and write your own text, you can On the one hand, you greatly reduce the costs of website creation and on the other hand the website with your personal text, your personal touch Add. It is also more difficult for a copywriter to express exactly what you want to express with your website. When you build your website you can manage the website yourself after you have finished creating it, or Let manage. The cost varies depending on the size of the website and the one used Technology. If you have the website created and one at the same time Signing a maintenance contract tends to be cheaper.

Why should you have a website built?

Have you ever wondered if you are building a website? should leave? Or were you faced with the decision whether or not to own a website create or have a website created?

In our opinion there are people who deal with almost everything know something better or are more practiced than oneself. For this Background, in our opinion, it makes more sense to spend your time productively to invest in his own core area and to continue other activities give. You should consider getting a website built and then get started agreement, because it costs something, we advise you to calculate how much you are It would cost you yourself if you invest tons of time to familiarize yourself with it dealing with a topic that you will not deal with in the future.

If you start a business and have the website built, you can During this time you dedicate yourself to the core issues of your company and yours Use time much more efficiently. Another benefit when you have your website create is that this is created correctly from the start and you not a completely new website in the later course of your business life have to be created. In particular, the cost is if you are for example Usually just have a simple website created to start your business less than your start-up costs.

How do you get a website created?

If you want to get a website built, you have to be the first Contact us via our contact form or by phone. We can arrange a 30-minute online or offline meeting, to clarify your requirements. You should already know exactly how to do it Want to have your website created and have an exact catalog of requirements have worked out, we can also make an offer on the basis of this. We will then send you an offer. By signature this, place the order for us to create your website.

Have a website created in 5 steps:

- Initial discussion / clarification of requirements
- Offer
- Design and texts
- Implementation
- Test / graduation

You shouldn't have a design before you get your website built we will start working on it after you have placed the order of the design. To reduce the cost of creating your website, you can use your own copywriter or write it yourself. It is important that the texts are available for the preparation of the design as these influence the design. When you build the website and have no texts, we can use our copywriter, which one paid per word.

After the text and design are in place, the page is implemented and GDPR finalized in conformity. It is then up to you to test the page. If everything works, the project is finished. If you have the Have a website created, it will stand for the current browser optimized. Subsequent bugs caused by browser updates can be repaired as part of a maintenance contract.

What techniques can you use to create your website?

If you have a very large and extensive website, you should have them programmed from scratch with PHP and CSS. Programming gives you more freedom, but they are Increased costs compared to other methods.

If you use a CMS (e.g. Wordpress) to build your website you should take care that your page is not too big and becomes sluggish. On the one hand, if your site is slow, it is not good for SEO and your visitors will be annoyed by it. An advantage if you have your website can be created using a CMS that you can also use as a Laypeople can easily incorporate into this system and make minor changes can do it yourself.

If you use a website builder for your website, ask the question of whether or not to have the website built. A website builder works according to the drag and drop principle, after which you can very easily place elements on a page and it doesn't make much sense to use this system to create your website.

However, this system increases your monthly costs because the provider, which offers a website builder, much higher monthly costs for Your domain + homepage builder will be charged. Depending on the desired period of time Again, it pays off if you have your website created.

What should you look out for when getting your website built?

If you have your website built and put it on a EU domain is located or you have to expect visitors from the EU You are compliant for this GDPR. This means that you have no data may pass on (including cookies), provided that the owner of this data does not expressly consent. So you need to pay attention when you do Have your website built by doing the following correctly:

- Imprint
- Cookie banner
- Data protection

At BulldogDesign we are constantly dealing with new regulations and rules so you don't have to worry about if you do let us create the website.