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Software development is the fine art of converting processes and calculations into logical processes and implementing them in software using a chosen programming language. Since it is very difficult to estimate how many resources, especially larger software projects, require, they are mostly implemented using agile methods and weekly feedback loops. The customer thus has full control over costs and software functions and can make changes at any time.

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In this area, the basic distinction between web developers and web designers has to be made. Web developers develop web applications and thus everything that runs in the background of a website. Web designers design the layout of the website. In the case of websites, a distinction must be made between whether they are to be created statically or dynamically. In the case of dynamic websites, content is generated from inputs, which means that a certain logic must always be programmed for this type of website, which results in more effort.

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Software that is developed for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is referred to as a mobile application. A basic distinction is made between native apps that only run on one platform and platform-independent apps. Since there are big differences in the functionality and development of the different app types, we work with the customer to determine which type represents the best solution for the respective project before completing an order.

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The company logo is the most important point for the branding of a company. This must follow the corporate philosophy as well as the company's branding and product concept. A logo offers little space for a lot of information, which demands the creativity of the designer. The design of the logo accompanies all external appearances of the company and thus controls the success or failure of the branding. Other graphics that are used in external appearances should also reflect the company's branding concept.

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There are approximately 2.5 billion active Facebook users. This number means that digital marketing has become the most important marketing area. No other medium can boast a similar number of users. This number also reflects only one social media platform. Digital marketing has a lot of potential to push your company when used in a targeted manner. But it can also degenerate into a money-burning machine if it is used incorrectly and ignorantly.

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For every company, the website is one of the main channels for appearances to customers and steakholders and thus controls the success or failure of the branding. Therefore, it should be up to date and appealing in terms of design and technical implementation. Designs and design options are also constantly evolving, which is why smaller redesigns should be carried out at regular intervals.

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63.000 Google searches are carried out worldwide every second. If products and services are searched via Google, the searchers usually only look at the first page. If you think about the meaningfulness of SEO for just a second, 63.000 searches have already been carried out, one of which may have been a search for your product and your company could not be found on page one. Search engine optimization (SEO) has a lot of potential to push your company massively but it can also degenerate into a money-burning machine if you use it incorrectly and ignorantly.

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